Rogue Cinema: "Eberle has a vision"!

Josh Samford of reviews Insurgent Pictures’ forthcoming release, Prayer to a Vengeful God, saying “…I can’t help but admire the sheer guts and artistic integrity that it takes to do such a thing. It is the equivalent of a cinematic dare in this day and age…”

You can read his great interview in its entirety on the Rogue Cinema website.

Dan Eberle Interviewed on

GS: “Vengeful” is something of a silent picture, which may win it some film festival awards, but will likely turn off a lot of viewers. Was this a concern of yours?

DE: Vengeful is not a silent picture. There is a tremendous amount of sound design, music, and even human voices present. There is (almost) no dialogue, but to say it’s silent is really not accurate….

Read the interview in its entirety on the Killer Reviews website.


Insurgent Pictures proudly presents the world premiere of:

PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD – Directed and starring Dan Eberle (JAILCITY, THE LOCAL)

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After his wife is tragically murdered, and he is mortally wounded at the hands of her murderer, John Krause rouses from a four-month dream to a waking nightmare of pain, addiction, violation, loss, and finally, all-consuming vengeance.

PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is the story of one man’s journey from upstanding citizen, to debilitated mental case, to battle-hardened street killer. And all to kill a man he’s never met, to commemorate a wife he never really knew.

Tacitly told in a lyrical cinematic style, entirely without dialogue, PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is a silent study of how the lust for vengeance twists and rends, and despite its carnal satisfactions, never changes the past.

*Post screening Q&A and reception with PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD director/star Dan Eberle

93 minutes.

Rogue Cinema names The Local one of the best independent films of 2009

“I was a bit surprised at the power of The Local. It’s a movie that draws you into its characters really well and with the relentless pace, we grow even closer with this no name drifter. After it was all over, I just felt my jaw on the floor.”

Read the rest of Josh Stamford’s review of The Local on the Rogue Cinema website.

Local director Dan Eberle interviewed on Sean Berry's Casting Couch Radio

“…Dan Eberle was a premiere jazz guitarist who decided to take a run at film. We’re glad he did. It’s been a great sprint right out of the gate. He’s written, directed, edited, and starred in his own independent pictures, earning instant recognition and praise as a force to be reckoned with. We’ll talk to him about his career as an independent artist, and discuss his latest film The Local (trailer below), a gritty crime drama filmed on the streets of Brooklyn…”

Listen to Sean Berry’s interview with Dan Eberle on Casting Couch Radio.

Local director Dan Eberle profiled in Movmnt Magazine

“…The film’s tagline, You can change your lot in life suggests that the heart of the story lies in this transcendent message. But the story is much more elusive than that. While it incorporates some of the familiar elements of its genre—drugs, violence, sex, redemption—the film is a tune unique unto itself….”

Read Lauren Brown’s profile on The Local and Dan Eberle on the Movmnt Magazine website.

North American release of The Local

This is our long-awaited North American release of THE LOCAL on home video! Buy it, rent it, download it, stream it. All we ask is that you (or someone you love) actually pay for it.

THE LOCAL is already available for pre-order at all finer video outlets. Visit The Local’s website for a list of places to get it!

Thanks to all who have supported our little film throughout the existential crisis that is independent filmmaking!

The Local plays The Anthology Film Archives in NYC

NewFilmmakers series presents The Local on August 18th at 9:45PM at New York City’s Anthology Film Archives.

Dan Eberle
2008, 90 minutes, 35mm.

An existential action-thriller set in the underground drug world of NYC, THE LOCAL chronicles the journey of a nameless sinner and his thankless path to redemption in a broken world far beyond saving.

Tuesday, August 18 at 9:45.
$6 Cover at door.

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003 USA
Telephone: (212) 505-5181
Fax: (212) 477-2714

The Local premieres June 3rd at the Brooklyn International Film Festival

The Local will have it's World Premiere at this years Brooklyn International Film Festival.

The Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF), is an International, competitive festival. BFF mission is to provide a public forum in Brooklyn in order to advance public interest in films and the independent production of films. To draw worldwide attention to Brooklyn as a center for cinema. To encourage the rights of all Brooklyn residents to access and experience the power of independent filmmaking, and to promote artistic excellence and the creative freedom of artists without censure. BFF, inc. is a not-for-profit organization.

For details and ticket reservations, click here.